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Our Games

Imagine a world filled with dot-shaped people. A world welcoming as the warmth of the sun, with the friendliness of a round face and the innocence of a toddlers first circle drawing... That’s the world our Dotlings live in. All taggable and pressable. Need we say more?

A fun casual game featuring carefree characters called Dotlings play a game of tag with each other during ongoing parties. The player needs to tag Dotlings before they get abducted by the mysterious League Of Hide And Seek.


In the City of Dotham these games of tag are held in 5 different boroughs representing a variety of international holidays: American Halloween, Mexican Day Of The Dead, Dutch Carnaval, American Keg Party and Irish St.Patricks Day.

Tag Party will be released on iOS and Android devices.

Spong is a classic from the Golden Age of arcade gaming with a twist. The constantly turning playing field adds a counter-intuitive fun challenge. Try to score points while the board spins and you bounce the ball to keep it on the field. The game is dazzling fun for one or two players.
Press The Dot is a casual puzzle game with short levels, unique hand-drawn art and catchy melodies.

Come and be greeted by friendly round faces of the Dotlings! Solving the puzzles is simply done by pressing Dots and Dotlings. But pay close attention as pressing the wrong one will cause a variety of unexpected effects that will put you on a frantic search for the right press.

Embark on a journey through up to 50 levels in 6 episodic storylines filled with historical and philosophical references. Gather hundreds of collectibles and learn more about the background of the world of Dotlings. Press The Dot will be released on iOS and Android devices.
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