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A world full of Dotlings

Imagine a world filled with dot-shaped people.
A world welcoming as the warmth of the sun with the friendliness of a round face and the innocence of a toddler's first circle drawing...

That’s the world our Dotlings live in. All taggable and pressable. Need we say more?
A fun casual game of carefree characters called Dotlings play a game of tag with each other during ongoing parties. The player needs tag Dotlings before they get abducted by the mysterious League Of Hide And Seek.
At the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) neighborhood Mexican traditions are honored. Dotling families walk past houses and altars to pay respect to the departed...and do some tagging while they`re at it!
The Dutch know how to throw a party and their version of carnival is constantly celebrated guessed it...the Dutch Carnival quarter! Come experience the fun, and dance and tag the night away.
There is no party like a college party (because allegedly these never stop). The kegs from Dotham Brewery are special guests in the college dormitory buildings of the city, where the tagging will be going on into the late hours of the night.
At the end of the rainbow you can find a pot of gold. You might even meet its owner at the St. Patrick's Day borough party dressed up for the occasion. Better tag this Leprechaun Dotling before he disappears again.
Are you brave enough to venture into a creepy realm of the Halloween Party? Be spooked by its citizens while you eat mouthfuls of candy. The Werewolf Dotling will get you there (he is a real party animal) and introduce you to his monstrous friends.

We invite you on a tour through the city of parties: Dotham City. In this city games of tag are held in five different neighborhoods representing a variety of international holidays.

Dotham City

But be aware! The League of Hide and Seek will work tirelessly to prevent you succeeding in winning the games of Tag in the City of Dotham. Ninja Dotlings will try to make you play their own game, kidnap innocent Dotlings and cause a lot of chaos and disruption!
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